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Part time Event Installer and/or Driver

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Seeking Part time seasonal event installer and/or driver

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No two days are the same here.  You’ll have the opportunity to travel around Houston, Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana area setting up for celebration and events

 If you love a fast paced, but relaxed environment and working with your hands, this is for you! 

POSITION: Part time seasonal event installer and/or driver  

Responsibilities and Duties

1. EQUIPMENT DELIVERY: Equipment delivery generally falls into several categories:

-Table and Chairs – Glass tables (40 to 60 lbs.), chairs (7 lbs.),etc Dollies are available to aid delivery.
-Party Goods – Special event equipment packed in boxes in excess of 60 lbs. These items need special handling and loading on the trucks.
-Furniture & Design Elements – This is the delivery of more delicate pieces, like furniture, shelving, foam or wood décor pieces etc. Equipment in this category can range in size and shape, but all must be handled with care and precision. Most of these items are wrapped on delivery to protect them from damage.

2. DELIVERY/PICK-UP AND ON-SITE SET-UP/TEARDOWN:Load truck efficiently (to make deliveries with the least amount of rearranging) and with the safety of the equipment and personnel in mind.
Prep equipment, if necessary, prior to loading to ensure their quality before delivery
Assist fellow drivers in loading and unloading trucks
Work independently and responsibly when on delivery route
Route yourself efficiently with deadlines and special circumstances in mind
Be willing to set up and tear down equipment
Double check delivery items to make sure customers receive exactly what is on the contract
Instruct customers on equipment operation if applicable
Secure customer signature whenever possible
Large loads or equipment requiring two or more people should be arranged so that help can be available at stops when needed
Clean out truck after route
Inspect truck post-trip, note repairs that become necessary and any damage to the vehicle on log
Be available for special events and occasions requiring non-standard working hours
Obey traffic laws and drive courteously
Full Job Description available upon request.

Skills & Requirements

Must be able to lift 70lbs + 
Must have a full range of motion and dexterity
Must maintain a professional appearance